The trail at this point is fairly high above the pool, but this is a prime spot to stop for a snack, meal or just contemplation of nature and beauty. To contact us, call 1-800-547-7842 or email, More rides by this ambassador on I would guess that those remaining deadfall will be taken care of within a week or two. Past the Blue Pool, still more lava-rock-encrusted single-track awaits. Fish lake to Sahalie is currently pretty buried in snow and probably unrideable. After that I hit 15-20 deadfall, so I’d say it will be a bit before we ride. snow and mud on the upper half, and a small section about .5 mile downstream of Deer Creek was wiped out when a couple of big trees came down. Rode full from Clear Lake to McKenzie Bridge using Horse Creek Lodge for a shuttle. Low down on the trail – Belknap or so – there were about four deadfall that required carrying the bike over, but all of them were pretty easy and you can see that the folks who maintain the trail have been working pretty hard and doing an excellent job. Would like to ride this from the bottom to Clear lake and back in one ride… looks like this would be ~50mi and ~5000ish ft… normally I would expect this to take 6 hr… but the comment in the description says just down takes 4-5 hr? I looked for a walk around but didn’t seem like there was going to be anything close so we decided to hike up our shorts and ford it. We also encountered hoards of people on the Blue Pool trail, despite recent road closures. Crews will be working on improving the trail tread. There were a few down trees. You’d better, In Oregon, a bicycle is legally considered a vehicle, and the same, Chris Bernhardt of Sentierios Consulting has a passion for sharing the outdoors through trails and has ridden some of the best in the world, from Hong Kong to Switzerland. Clear Lake is the ultimate place for kayaking. There’s evidence of several folks making their way around the water — just follow the improvised path. Riding well from f.s. They said the permanent solution should be finished by Wednesday Oct 18. Hikers, bikers and other recreationalists will still be able to access Tamolitch Falls (Blue Pool) by parking at the Carmen Smith Reservoir and hiking 3.3 miles (one-way) south on the McKenzie River National Recreation Trail. The McKenzie River Trail (MRT) offers the quintessential Oregon trail-riding experience. Glad I came on foot first to check it out. This is a beautiful 26 mile stretch of trail that follows the McKenzie River. Bring our travel magazine along. You can bite off as much of this experience as you like, because the trail intersects enough side roads off the highway to provide any configuration of miles, climbing and challenge you’re looking for. The thigh deep water at the start gets deeper in the middle (at 5’7 my shammy did get wet so depending on your inseam you might be able to get through unscathed). About the 4mi mark the trail is gone. My wife ran out and back going the other direction from Deer Creek and said the trail was a little wet, but in good shape. Ride the upper end for technical challenges; ride the lower part for flowing forest gliding. The trail is in great condition from Sahalie Falls on down. The first 10 or so miles are a “black-diamond” technical trail, with lots of “exfoliating” pumice and lava (knee pads and platform pedals are a good idea on the MRT). )…Almost ready! Parts of it were dry and some parts damp. The nearest access heading west is at Paradise Day Use Area. How did you add a link to your comment? The trail stays on the west side of the highway and quickly becomes technical, featuring steep climbs and drops, rocks and narrow log bridges across tributaries. Rode Paradise to Deer Creek on 3/30/18, and conditions were very good. Riders who want to experience this epic ride but are not comfortable with rock gardens can start the ride at any number of mid-way points — the Trail Bridge Reservoir at Tamolitch Pool trailhead being the most popular. The fact that it’s easy to get to, and to get on and off of, is just a big bonus. Ready to hit the road? very muddy with deep puddles. You still have 12 miles to go, but what a good time it is – you get to swoop and swerve between massive Douglas firs, get both short and long glimpses of the tumbling river, and see how long you can glide without having to pedal, on some slightly downhill sections (answer: a long time). The McKenzie River is one of the coldest in the US. It’s downhill from the trailhead above Clear Lake to the terminus near McKenzie Bridge, but you can ride it in either direction – or both, if you have all day and the legs and lungs for it. Ride the upper end for technical challenges; ride the lower part for flowing forest gliding. Clear and dry up to Trail Bridge reservoir — turned around there but is was still clear ahead. Current conditions are available from the helpful folks at the McKenzie River Ranger Station on Highway 126, conveniently located less than a mile from the Lower McKenzie River trailhead. There are some trees down though. Other than this few miles it’s all fairly fast riding. I should have mentioned the date. Best call the ranger district ahead. The upper rock gardens alone are well worth the drive. Still had an epic day despite my damp shammy. A section of the McKenzie River National Recreation Trail will be closed from the Tamolitch (Blue Pool) Trailhead near Trail Bridge Reservoir to Tamolitch Falls (Blue Pool) on October 1 – 4 and October 9 – 12 for maintenance. Major holidays are bad days on which to ride McKenzie river trail. :-). ©2020 Travel Oregon | The official guide to Oregon travel and tourism information. TONS of hikers around blue pool. Is the current report correct? Couple snow patches at first but excellent riding. Its easily accessible trailheads allow you to quickly become enveloped in a rollicking ribbon of single-track that includes massive log bridges, old-growth trees and one of the state’s clearest river … Ride the whole thing for the full package. Sounds like some trail work by the FS is scheduled soon. The flooding is likely to persist for another two to three weeks. Highlights Along The McKenzie River Trail Clear Lake. And the whole experience is stunningly beautiful – cascading waterfalls, stream crossings on rough-hewn log bridges, crystal-clear lakes and pools, old-growth trees. Washington, and crosses a bridge over the McKenzie River.. Trail crews will monitor the level of water weekly and we will post updates on our website and social media. The Lost Creek Bridge on the McKenzie River National Recreation Trail (MRT), east of Paradise Campground and west of Belknap Hot Springs is undergoing repairs beginning June 7 and continuing through early July. My bike stayed pretty clean, sans rear fender. Rode MRT yesterday and I can confirm that the flooding is still there. All was good and no bad experiences. From your position on your kayak, you’ll be able to see a preserved forest underneath the depths of the crystal clear waters of the lake. Click ‘Update’ to refresh date. The trail was in pretty good shape on Saturday 2/29. My friend and I came upon 2 hikers equally caught off guard. Too many people! yeah, lots of people. As mentioned, access is a large part of the MRT’s appeal. I have pictures but I’m not sure if I can/how to post them here. Rode MRT yesterday, and found the deep water section can be avoided by bushwhacking to the right (when headed South). Took me 5hrs and 25 minutes with short stops at each waterfall, walked some lava and dismounted at least a half dozen times for hikers (no problem).

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