Scientific Name: Liatris aspera. Ecology. Liatris is a perennial growing type of plant which means it can live for more than two years. Liatris spicata; Scientific classification; Kingdom: Plantae: Clade: Tracheophytes: Clade: Angiosperms: Clade: Eudicots: Clade: Asterids: Order: Asterales: Family: Asteraceae: Genus: Liatris: Species: L. spicata. In the last century, anxiety and catastrophic thinking were the lead conditions treated with this plant. History Liatris is native to North America, Mexico, and the Bahamas. The University of Minnesota is an equal opportunity educator and employer. var. Liatris pycnostachya, the prairie blazing star or cattail blazing star, is a perennial plant native to the tallgrass prairies of the central United States.. Species Epithet: pilosa. References Photo by Marc Ryckaert. Astrological Flowers Sagittarius (November 22 and December 21) Birth Month Flower N/A. Liatris spicata . Common Name: Shaggy Blazing-star. Scientific Name Genus species Liatris spicata Family Asteraceae. All rights reserved. Also, don’t forget to sign up for our email newsletter. Scientific Name(s): Liatris spicata and other Liatris species Abundance: uncommon What: root/tuber How: roasted Where: open fields, landscaping When: fall, winter Nutritional Value: calories Edible gayfeather tuber. Liatris pilosa is not known to occur in Alabama despite numerous specimens identified as such, a predictable result based on those earlier treatments. Floral Design Qualities For Liatris Scientific Name; LISPS2: Liatris spicata (L.) Willd. The Plants Database includes the following 3 subspecies of Liatris aspera .Click below on a thumbnail map or name for subspecies profiles. Liatris is a genus of flowers containing over 50 species of flowers, most being pink/purple in color (and very showy). All rights reserved. Scientific Name : Liatris pycnostachya: USDA PLANTS Symbol: LIPY: Common Name : Cat-tail Gayfeather, Prairie Blazing Star: ITIS Taxonomic Serial No. Plant Type: Herb/Wildflower Marketing Information: Bench Card Download a Bench Card. In earlier regional treatments, this taxon was treated as a variety as L. graminifolia var. Alphabetical by Scientific Name; Search Our Plants by Common Names; Availability & Pricing Summer 2020; Resources; About Us ; Contact Us; Liatris spicata. Liatris Spicata, Blazing Star – Ready for Seed Harvest! The leaves are linear, grass-like, 11 to 22 cm (4 1 ⁄ 4 to 8 3 ⁄ 4 in) long and 4 to 10 mm (0.16 to 0.39 in) wide. Liatris spicata - MHNT. Click on a scientific name below to expand it in the PLANTS Classification Report. Related species: Liatris spicata, with purple or white flowers on spikes three to five feet tall, is the most popular type for gardens. typica Gaiser: Classification. Liatris flowers are herbaceous perennials, meaning they will die back each year but return the following Spring. Binomial name; Liatris spicata Willd. Scientific Name Common Name; Liatris aspera: Rough Blazing Star; Tall Gayfeather: Liatris chapmanii: Chapman's Blazing Star; Chapman's Gayfeather: Liatris cylindracea: Barrelhead Blazing Star; Slender Blazing Star; Ontario Gayfeather: Liatris elegans: Elegant Blazing Star; Pink Scale Gayfeather: Liatris elegantula : Grassleaf Blazing Star; Grassleaf Gayfeather + Expand All. L. pycnostachya, the cattail or Kansas gayfeather, grows up to five feet and bears spikes of purple flowers. Scientific Name Common Name; Liatris aspera: rough blazing star: Liatris cylindracea: few-headed blazing star: Liatris pycnostachya var. Aside from its name Liatris, this flower has other common names too. Click on a scientific name below to expand it … Young gayfeather plant (early June in Houston). Family Name: Ranunculaceae. Please check the licence conditions and non-commercial use guidance here Selected filters : Scientific name: "Liatris spicata" × The flower stalks reach 60 to 120 cm (2 to 4 ft) in height, or rarely to 180 cm (6 ft). nieuwlandii: Nieuwland’s blazing star: Liatris scariosa var. Ward: Classification. The Plant List includes a further 47 scientific plant names of infraspecific rank for the genus Liatris.We do not intend The Plant List to be complete for names of infraspecific rank. L. scariosa, or the button snake-root, bears purple or white fluffy disk flowers on spikes from three to six feet tall. Anemone is a really curious little plant. Each species has its own native range within North America, with some overlapping. If you enjoyed this reference article, check out some of our other native plant files. Liatris aspera is similar to Liatris ligulistylis in having button-like flower heads, but the stalks of its flower heads are shorter or absent altogether, and it prefers drier habitats. Scientific Name: Liatris squarrulosa [= Liatris earlei] Genus: Liatris. Its most common name is blazing star. It can be called blazing-start, Gay-feather, and snakeroot. savannensis (Kral & G.L. Statistics. Nesom) D.B. Liatris (/ l aɪ ˈ æ t r ɪ s /) is a genus of flowering plants in the boneset tribe within the sunflower family native to North America (Canada, United States, Mexico and the Bahamas). var. The plants have tall spikes of purple flowers resembling bottle brushes or feathers that grow one to five feet tall. The website also provides access to a database and images of herbarium specimens found at the University of South Florida and other herbaria. The Plant List includes 140 scientific plant names of species rank for the genus Liatris.Of these 46 are accepted species names.

liatris scientific name

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