In-flight looks all dark, but with some contrast between the leading edge and trailing edge from below. This strange characteristic helps protect them from sun damage and harmful bacteria. However, conservation and relocation efforts have arisen since then to help the population bounce back. These polar predators stand out against other bears as being extra communicative. These impressive social spices are highly found in groups. After submerging themselves for upwards of 17 hours a day in order to escape the heat of the sun, the Hippopotamus will climb steep river banks after nightfall in order to graze on the nearby grass. Despite their name, these giant reptiles are perfectly equipped to inhabit bodies of fresh water, such as rivers and swamps. They can dive deep into the ocean in search of marine foods. Size – 120 ft Their main food is fish but they eat almost everything on their way like humans, small hippos, other crocodiles, etc. Size – 24 ft Weight – 1,750 – 2,800 pounds Weight: Over 1,100 pounds. The Galapagos tortoise is the world’s largest tortoise. Weight – 1.5 to 4 tons Size – 5 inches. The terrifying Saltwater Crocodile ranks as the biggest living reptile on Earth in terms of mass. Whether they slither, amble, or swim, these creatures all have one thing in common–their massive size. Weight – 3,000 kg Save my name and email in this browser for the next time I comment. Southern elephant seals are the largest among all seals and live in the sub-Antarctic and Antarctic regions, which are rich in marine foods. Hippopotami are the third-largest living land mammals. Lifespan – 35 to 50 years. They express themselves to one another with a wide variety of grunts, huffs, and hums. Size – 3.3 – 3.11 ft The color pattern of Orca, back is black and stomach are white, which blend in the world of oceans and help them to do their hunting. The Blue Whale is classified among the Baleen Whales, and filters up to four tons of Krill a day out of the frigid ocean waters for food. Weight – More than 440 pounds Their diet consists of deep-sea prey such as sharks, eels, and squid. White color and rounded foreheads easily distinguishable that whale is Beluga whale. While it may not look that impressive next to behemoths like the African Elephant or the Blue Whale, the Chinese Giant Salamander holds its place as the biggest amphibian in the world– and certainly the largest salamander. The enlisted animals featured in the article have not been arranged according to size. Lifespan – 25 years. The whale shark is the second-largest fish within the water world and they are found of plankton. Life Span – 30 years. Size – 20ft A huge killer whale that hunts everything in their menu. White Rhinos live in the grassy plain of Africa. Weight – 6.3 – 11.5 kg The giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis) is an African … They are a very social and vocal communicator. You have entered an incorrect email address! Giraffe. Size – 6.5 to 10.5 ft White Rhinos have squared lips to easily pluck leaves and fruit. Animals around the world have lived alongside humans since the dawn of our species, many of them towering above us on land or dwarfing us at sea. The Tridacna is believed to be the largest living mollusks. Diet: Carnivorous.… Blue Whales express themselves vocally, emitting a wide range of deep groans and other sounds to communicate with one another and navigate the ocean depths. Weight – 1 to 1.5 tons The Goliath Beetle is the largest insect on Earth in terms of size, bulk, and weight. Life Span – 80 – 90 years. Manta means blanket in Spanish; this sea creature is flat like a blanket and shape like a diamond. Due to disturbances in its habitat resulting from civil unrest in the Congo, its population has declined dramatically. The males often wander the African plains solo, only socializing with others of their kind on occasion. Their color and circular in shape give sun-like feeling in the ocean. These large bears spend over half their time hunting for food, which mainly consists of seals. The African even-toed ungulate mammal is not only the tallest living animal but also the … They are also called as Mola. In this article, you’ll recognize some of the incredibly BIG animals of different categories such as mammals, reptiles, birds, fish, insects, etc. Let us know what you think about these biggest animals in the world in the comment below, and don’t forget to share it! But in this article, I’ll be introducing Top 10 Largest Animals to ever exist on Earth. Size – 82 – 105 ft Between exterminations following crocodile attacks and a high demand for goods made from crocodile leather, the Saltwater Crocodile population was hunted to the point of endangerment. Weight – Up to 4.5 tons Size – 20 to 30 ft and 12 inches in diameter The Polar bear is the crown of the Arctic region. They gather on land at the onset of the mating period to intimidate and fight with each other for dominance before the females arrive. Lifespan – 10 years. Habitat: Ocean depths worldwide. Lifespan – Up to 10 years. Komodo dragon is the heaviest species lizard found in Indonesia. Weight – 40 tons People need to watch out for these predators both in the water and on land, since they often leave the water to bask in the sun’s warming rays. These truly impressive beasts walk on all fours, resting on their knuckles rather than the palms of their hands. This particular variety of crocodile shows more aggression than its counterparts, and has built itself a reputation for having a nasty attitude towards humans. Weight – 6 tonnes Lifespan – 62 years. Weight – 70 tons The main feature of this lizard is flat heads having a round nose. Chinese Giant Salamanders mainly eat insects, fish, shrimp, and other amphibians. Life Span – 3 months. They have an exceptionally smelling sense of their victims from far away. LifeSpan – 25 – 30 years. Their prehensile trunks allow them to graze and drink from the ground easily despite their height. Lifespan – 70 to 100 years. By far, the largest animal known to exist either today or throughout history is the blue whale. Weight – 500 pounds Northern Elephant Seals reside mainly along the Pacific coast of North America, while Southern Elephant Seals stick to Antarctic and sub-Antarctic waters.

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