We would recommend you to continue with the virtual character who has good smart stats(over 85), happiness(must be green), health(over 80). The List of High Paying Jobs. Related: BitLife Careers Guide: How to Become a Lawyer, Doctor or an Acclaimed Actor. For More Updates, Game News, Game Guides, New Game Releases, And ALERTS – Like Us On Facebook – MrGuider, Follow Us On Twitter – @techhuntr. But whatever stats you may have, you can still live a good life as long as you play your cards right. Just like in real life, there’s a lot of things you need to keep track of like happiness, health, smarts, looks. You can also ask for them if you want, although it isn’t always rewarded to you. Although you don’t need to study well year after year, you need to keep yourself in good shape to maintain this job. But what’s most important is to live a righteous life no matter what salary you earn. To become a music composer, you’ll need to go to university and become a music major. You may try to apply as a music composer for other companies, but chances of them accepting you are also slim. After graduating from medical school, look for the job. What comes next is you’ll be an architect. As you know that to become a doctor in BitLife, you must take a job in the medical field. Pharmacists make quite a bit of cash, so look for Chemistry as an undergraduate option if you want to head down this path. Chances are high you’ll earn and save millions before you retire. Ever wonder what it’s like to live another life all over again? Jobs payments vary but some do require a greater level of education and certain schooling. You’ll only be able to get in pharmacy school if you majored in chemistry or biology. There’s also a lot of career paths to choose from that can help you live the life you want. Again, if you’re not accepted for the job, you can always try again the following year or improve your stats for several years before you apply again for the position. Being a pharmacist is highly rewarding just like other jobs in the medical field. This job will always be there as long as you graduate with an engineering major. Getting another major will not qualify you for the job. Much like in real life, if you want to be successful in BitLife you’re going to have to study and study hard. The only thing you need to focus on is keeping yourself happy, healthy, and good looking throughout your life, which is very easy since you have the money to do it. BitLife being a game where you can be anyone you want and do what you want to earn money and make a living, gamers will also need to keep in mind that they also have a good future in hand.. Avoiding temptation is hard, but it’s going to be rewarding in the long run. One of the two jobs should appear if you did take up either computer science or information systems. Keep in mind though that each BitLife you have is different. Related: BitLife Careers Guide: How to Become a Business Analyst, Psychiatrist, Biotechnologist or a Stockbroker. Much like in real life, if you want to be successful in BitLife you’re going to have to study and study hard. After graduating from university, the option to become an apprentice music composer comes up in the list of jobs available. If you feel that your raises and salary isn’t enough, you can always look for another job and see if there’s a job opening for the same position you have. There are generally five steps: Complete a bachelor's degree in a healthcare field, which takes about four years, or pre-pharmacy program, which generally takes two years to complete and is an associate’s level degree. For example – Brain Surgeon, Pharmacist, Physician, etc. Always go for the highest one to maximize your earnings. To choose this career path, you will need to have extremely good looks, health, and happiness. Just like in real life, you need to be smart to major in either chemistry or biology. It may not work every time due to the specific game, so be warned:)

how to become a pharmacist in bitlife

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