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This protection can be wrapping the tree in a blanket for the night of the freeze to building a structure out of PVC and wrapping that with a light bulb inside. Here's your one-stop for holiday deals in H-Town. The trees can be grown in large pots, hedged, or used as a specimen. When planted in protected areas, even though the temperature outside may be 24 degrees, it is likely to be higher in the protected areas, thus giving the warmth needed to survive. They are distant relative of the Surinam cherry and come from a genus that was only recently given more thorough study. ` �"� Common Name: Cherry of the Rio Grande. Even pineapple can be grown with some care. When ripe, they are deep purple to black and have a full cherry-like flavor. The plant is an attractive evergreen shrub that grows to … The way to be successful with growing tropical trees is to do the homework of discovering how to care for them, and Urban Harvest provides that information. Cherry of the Rio Grande is another variety of Eugenia useful for the home landscape. It is red to deep purple about 1 inch diameter with a sweet cherry taste. 94 0 obj <>stream Growing Cherry of the Rio Grande: Eugenia involucrata Botanical Overview A member of the Myrtle family (Myrtaceae), the Eugenia genus contains over 1000 species worldwide including several with edible fruit. Botanical Name: Eugenia aggregata. Cherry of the Rio Grande (Eugenia aggregata) is a delicious cherry substitute. That has all changed. ***Images of fruit or edible qualities are provided from our nursery's stock of producing plants to show the potential yield of of our fruiting & edible plants. If the tree has just put on blossoms, avoid fertilizing heavily as this will force new growth and blossom drop. Check www.urbanharvest.org under Gardening Advice, then Fruit Trees and Plants. Buy fruit from grocery stores and farmers markets for tasting, and certainly go to the Urban Harvest Dec. 5 Citrus Tasting Class. Oh yes, purchase these trees from the Urban Harvest Fruit Tree Sale on Jan. 9. Cherry of the Rio Grande is a great “cherry” for Florida. The fruit of Eugenia Aggregata (cherry of Rio Grande) is dark red and elongated, about 3cm in length. Ed thinks the best tasting are lychee, sugar apple, white sapote, cherry of the Rio Grande and a couple of varieties of star fruit. h�b```����K�@��(�����aƣ��a#��- L`)$ ���� 8>�000?`�`�m�s�e�����R�L��ن�� Family: Myrtaceae. It is red to deep purple about 1 inch diameter with a sweet cherry taste. b�w�H��6G$��,2�^�$���00]x$��"�?�կ pc Cherry of Rio Grande. Great value little tree. can be used for cooking or eaten right off the tree; grown as a hardy shrub in zone 9a or 9b, Eugenia aggregata - Cherry of the Rio Grande-very tasty cherry like flavor, fruits up to 1.5" Eugenia brasiliensis - Grumichama - another excellent cherry-like fruit. Cherry of the Rio Grande -- best cherry tree to plant if you live in zone 9 or 10 and crave the taste of fresh cherries! Urban Harvest sponsors this column. This species has a sweet fruit very similar in flavor and appearance to a northern cherry, but this a tropical fruit in the guava family that grows well in Florida (and other warm-climate regions). 55 0 obj <> endobj Tough, reasonably fast, productive and ornamental. Avg. Eugenia reinwardtiana - Cedar Bay Cherry - an Australian plant producing bright red fruits with a sweet flavor when only 18" tall Sugar apple, jaboticaba and cherry of the Rio Grande are especially good for containers. These edible Barbados cherries resemble shiny, small apples. Ray Sher is a gardening and permaculture instructor, vegetable and fruit garden consultant, and works his large intensive home vegetable, fruit and herb garden using organic methods. In Florida, the cherry of the Rio Grande starts blooming in the first part of March. Lychees can take 24 degrees when mature, while sugar apple needs protection below 28 degrees. Height x Width: 12' x 8' Season: April - May. Of all tropical fruits Cherry of Rio Grande is the fruit most similar in flavor to conventional cherry but not need to produce a cold weather. Money for the parade was used to give out free Thanksgiving meals to Houstonians. Fruiting habits. The fruit ripens on the bush 3 weeks after the blossom. Needs decent watering until established. This delicious cherry is typically 1-2 inches long and oval in shape. Damage Temp: 27F. The flowers are white. To find out more about community gardens, school gardens, farmers markets and gardening classes, visit www.urbanharvest.org. Fruiting habits. A sweet, tart cherry fruit that looks like you'd expect a cherry to look! The fruit ripens on the bush 3 weeks after the blossom. Even avocado can be kept in large containers. With the right care, you will be eating great tasting tropical fruit from your own trees. Contact him at RayInTheGarden@sbcglobal.net. There is now a Texas Rare Fruit Growers club where people share information on all aspects of growing tropical fruit trees. Some of these trees make good container plants. Barbados cherry has a sub-acid, nearly sweet taste, with a delicate flavor and apple notes.

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