B. Manage project elements, including, but not limited to, schedule, cost, resources, and risks www.ReadytoTrainMaterials.com 38 1 Strategic and Business Management Skills: Strategic and Business Management Skills Explain to others the essential business aspects of a project Work with the project sponsor, team, and subject matter experts to develop an appropriate project delivery strategy Implement that strategy in a way that maximizes the business value of the project. Ambiguity . Do you have no clue or minimal knowledge about PMP exam prep? Control Costs- Tools and Techniques www.ReadytoTrainMaterials.com 96 Control Costs- Tools and Techniques: Examples A project has the following Earned value data assessed: AC: $ 4,000,000 CV: $ -500,000 SPI: 1.12 BAC: $ 9,650,000 What is the Earned value of the project? See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details. Control Costs- Tools and Techniques www.ReadytoTrainMaterials.com 97 Control Costs- Tools and Techniques: Control Costs- Tools and Techniques Cost Formulas Calculation Cost Performance Index (CPI) Estimate to Complete (ETC) Estimate at Completion (EAC) using new estimate Estimate at Completion (EAC) using remaining budget Estimate at Completion (EAC) using CPI To-Complete Performance Index (TCPI) based on BAC To-Complete Performance Index (TCPI) based on EAC To-Schedule Performance Index (TSPI) CPI = EV / AC ETC = BAC - EV or (BAC - EV) / CPI EAC = AC + ETC EAC = AC + BAC - EV EAC = AC + ( (BAC - EV) / CPI) or EAC = BAC / CPI TCPI = (BAC - EV) / (BAC - AC) TCPI = (BAC - EV) / (EAC - AC) (BAC - EV) / (BAC - PV) www.ReadytoTrainMaterials.com 98 Chapter 8: Chapter 8 Project Quality Management www.ReadytoTrainMaterials.com 99 Project Quality Management: Project Quality Management www.ReadytoTrainMaterials.com 100 Slide101: Slides from 281-303 are not shown in the free sample www.ReadytoTrainMaterials.com 101 Chapter 9: Chapter 9 Project Resource Management www.ReadytoTrainMaterials.com 102 Plan Resource Management: Plan Resource Management Is the process of identifying and documenting project roles, responsibilities, required skills, reporting relationships, and creating a staffing management plan www.ReadytoTrainMaterials.com 103 Project Resource Management Overview: Project Resource Management Overview 104 Plan Resource Management: Plan Resource Management is the process of defining how to estimate, acquire, manage, and use team and physical resources. Target cost 210,000 Target fee 25,000 Target price 235,000 Sharing ratio 80/20 Actual cost 200,000 Final fee 201,000-200,000=10,000 10,000 x 20%=2,000 25,000 (target fee) +2,000=27,000 Final price 200,000+27,000=227,000 www.ReadytoTrainMaterials.com 128 Slide130: Chapter 13 Project Stakeholder Management www.ReadytoTrainMaterials.com 130 Project Stakeholder Management: Project Stakeholder Management www.ReadytoTrainMaterials.com 131 Identify Stakeholders : Identify Stakeholders Identify Stakeholders is the process of identifying project stakeholders regularly and analyzing and documenting relevant information regarding their interests, involvement, interdependencies, influence, and potential impact on project success. What is the TCPI? Purchase the Entire Slide Deck • The PMP/CAPM Instructor slides are based on the PMBOK 6th edition. Customize Embed, Thumbnail: EAC = BAC/CPI (Only cost efficiency is considered now) Here team considers that remaining work will be completed at the same efficiency rate considering cost and schedule performance EAC = AC + (ETC/CPI x SPI) & ETC = BAC-EV. The benefit may be tangible, intangible, or both www.ReadytoTrainMaterials.com 10 Examples of tangible elements include Monetary assets Stockholder equity Utility, Fixtures Tools Market share Examples of intangible elements include Goodwill Brand recognition Public benefit Trademarks Strategic alignment Reputation Project Initiation Context: Project Initiation Context www.ReadytoTrainMaterials.com 11 Importance of Project Management: Importance of Project Management www.ReadytoTrainMaterials.com 12 The Importance of Project Management: The Importance of Project Management www.ReadytoTrainMaterials.com 13 Example: The Website Creation Project : Example: The Website Creation Project Consider a project authorized by a firm to create an intranet website that would display its employee related information. You can buy the slides by $4 https://payhip.com/b/lPX5. I prepared this for the first time in 1998 when I was studying for the PMP Exam from PMI, including how to read the ITTO for the 49 processes correctly. A portfolio refers to projects, programs, subportfolios , and operations managed as a group to achieve strategic objectives , The projects or programs of the portfolio may not necessarily be interdependent or directly related. What is the duration of the critical path?   You are the project manager for a new project and have figured out the following dependencies: Task 1 can start immediately and has an estimated duration of 3 weeks Task 2 can start after Task1 is completed and has an estimated duration of 3 weeks Task 3 can start after Task 1 is completed and has an estimated duration of 6 weeks Task 4 can start after Task 2 is completed and has an estimated duration of 8 weeks Task 5 can start after task 4 is completed and after Task 3 is completed . A. ABCD B. EBCD C. EFH D. EGH Exercise www.ReadytoTrainMaterials.com 77 Control Schedule: Control Schedule The process of monitoring the status of the project to update the project schedule and managing changes to the schedule baseline www.ReadytoTrainMaterials.com 78 Chapter 7: Chapter 7 Project Cost Management www.ReadytoTrainMaterials.com 79 Slide80: 80 Project Cost Management: Project Cost Management Costing is different from Pricing. Cost management is basically managing project funding. Characteristics: Knowledge: Project Management Knowledge (Not Technical Knowledge ). Once the new plant is set up, the operations to be carried out in the new branch include daily production, routine maintenance of the plant, wages and salary credits to employees, purchase of raw materials, grievance handling, logistics, and supply of finished products to the market. For every month early the project is finished, an additional 10,000 is paid to the seller. Dynamic BAC = $ 300,000, AC = $ 100,000, EV = $ 150,000, CPI = $ 1.2, ETC = $ 120,000. www.ReadytoTrainMaterials.com 17 Slide18: Project, Program, Portfolio Project E www.ReadytoTrainMaterials.com 18 Comparative Overview of Portfolios, Programs, and Projects: Comparative Overview of Portfolios, Programs, and Projects 19 Portfolios, Programs, and Projects: Portfolios, Programs, and Projects Portfolio management aligns portfolios with organizational strategies by selecting the right programs or projects, prioritizing the work, and providing the needed resources . It makes it easier to manage. Forecasts and Issues. Plan Resource Management www.ReadytoTrainMaterials.com 105 Plan Resource Management: Tools and Techniques: Plan Resource Management: Tools and Techniques Data Representation hierarchical charts Work breakdown structures (WBS). Project manager has the authority to approve or reject the change requests, when required, it will be the responsibilities of Change Control Board ( CCB). Cost Management. What is a Project ? Once approved through integrative change control process, EAC will superseded BAC and cost baselines will be revised. Giving presentations is part of the job for a project professional whether it's leading a kickoff meeting or giving a status update. The PMP Master Prep training manual is aligned to the PMBOK Guide 6th Edition and is designed to be your single source to effectively prepare for the PMP certification exam. This article provides tips for creating PowerPoint presentations that are clear, professional, and engaging. The interdependencies of components and systems. www.ReadytoTrainMaterials.com 107 Slide108: Slides from 310-340 are not shown in the free sample www.ReadytoTrainMaterials.com 108 Chapter 10: Chapter 10 Project Communications Management www.ReadytoTrainMaterials.com 109 Project Communications Management: Project Communications Management 110 Slide111: Slides from 344-362 are not shown in the free sample www.ReadytoTrainMaterials.com 111 Chapter 11: Chapter 11 Project Risk Management www.ReadytoTrainMaterials.com 113 Project Risk Management: Project Risk Management 114 Slide115: Slides from 366-397 are not shown in the free sample www.ReadytoTrainMaterials.com 115 Chapter 12: Chapter 12 Project Procurement Management www.ReadytoTrainMaterials.com 117 Project Procurement Management: Project Procurement Management 118 Project Procurement Management: Project Procurement Management Plan Procurement Management is the process of documenting project procurement decisions, specifying the approach , and identifying potential sellers . www.ReadytoTrainMaterials.com 35 The Industry Trends: The Industry Trends Product and technology development; New and changing market niches ; Standards (e.g., project management, quality management, information security management ); Technical support tools; Economic forces that impact the immediate project; Influences affecting the project management discipline; Process improvement and sustainability strategies www.ReadytoTrainMaterials.com 36 Project Manager Competences: Project Manager Competences www.ReadytoTrainMaterials.com 37 Technical Project Management Skills: Technical Project Management Skills Focus on the critical technical project management elements for each project they manage. PMP Exam Prep (PMBOK 6th Edition) Buy $499.00 Course curriculum. The estimate for a task is O = 3 days, P = 7 days, M = 4 days. PMBOK® Guide 6th Ed Processes Explained with Ricardo Vargas. View and Download PowerPoint Presentations on Pmbok 5th Edition PPT. | PowerPoint PPT presentation | free to view pmp certification - ExcelR provides four days of PMP® certification training in Hyderabad as part of our Portfolio of Project Management courses. Saved by Joe Chalhoub. Today is the end of day three. Time and Material (T&M) or Unit Price www.ReadytoTrainMaterials.com 120 Legal Contractual Relationships: Contract Types: Contract is a mutually binding legal agreement that obligates the seller to provide the specified products, services or results, and obligates the buyer to compensate the seller. Projects Drive Change: Projects Drive Change Projects drive change in organizations. 42 Questions!! Part 2. Enter one or more tags separated Organizational breakdown structure (OBS). Register online on . Looks like you’ve clipped this slide to already. (seller profit). Exercise www.ReadytoTrainMaterials.com 76 Exercise: You are the project manager for a project with the following network diagram. Part 2. Project schedule network diagrams www.ReadytoTrainMaterials.com 66 Bar (Gantt Chart): Bar (Gantt Chart ) www.ReadytoTrainMaterials.com 67 Milestone Chart: Milestone Chart www.ReadytoTrainMaterials.com 68 Develop Schedule: Outputs Project Calendars: Develop Schedule: Outputs Project Calendars working days and shifts that are available for scheduled activities. The box is six sided, each side is to take one day to build and is budgeted for $1000 per side. A s h r a f O s m a n. For Schedule related equation there is PV and AC for cost related Tools and Techniques Earned Value Management (EVM) www.ReadytoTrainMaterials.com 84 Control Costs- Tools and Techniques: Forecasting Using the earned value analysis, team can now forecast the project performance. Fixed Price Economic Price Adjustment (FPEPA): It is a fixed-price contract, but with a special provision allowing for pre defined final adjustments to the contract price due to changed conditions, such as inflation changes, or cost increases (or decreases) for specific commodities. Knowledge . • Total of 489 teaching Slides • Covers the entire PMBOK 6th Edition including Agile Methodology • Each chapter comes with a set of questions for students to review in class • Make it yours today: – www.advconsultants.com/prod uct/pmp-capm-instructor- slides/ www.advconsultants.com 2 B. OPMT 1187 Project Management Essentials Class # … PMBOK ® Guide Sixth Edition POWERPOINT PRESENTATION – two (2) day course This slide presentation with approximately 295 slides is intended to be used by instructors presenting an Eastwood Harris Planning and Control Using Microsoft Project 2013, 2016 or 2019 and PMBOK ® Guide Sixth Edition two (2) day course. Create 44 Powerpoint slides that illustrate the 44 project managements processes as outlined in the Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) Third Edition (2004). www.nwapmi.org. PowerPoint Templates. PMP Exam by each Knowledge Area. March, 2018. Embed: It is critical for project success to identify the stakeholders early in the project or phase and to analyze their levels of interest, their individual expectations, as well as their importance and influence. Changes may be requested by any stakeholder involved with the project. Full PMP preparation slides 6th edition. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Prepare for the PMP exam in a smarter way, using ... simplified slides by knowledge area, ... diagrams, charts, tables, and mind maps, ... examples & problems clarifying tools & techniques, and FPIF: contract= $ 1M + for every month added $1000 . Float. During this training classes, We provide comprehensive knowledge of all the key concepts from the PMBOK® 6th Edition Guide, such as the project life cycle, project phases, project management processes, and knowledge areas. ashrafnur89@gmail.comAshraf Osman, MBA, PMP 1. Power Point Slides for Fundamentals of Database Systems, 6th Edition Download PowerPoint Lecture Slides - Chapters 1 - 5 (application/zip) (5.3MB) Download PowerPoint Lecture Slides - Chapters 6 - 10 (application/zip) (6.3MB) Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. Training. What is a Project? www.ReadytoTrainMaterials.com 122 Project Procurement Management– Tools & Techniques: Contract Types : Project Procurement Management– Tools & Techniques: Contract Types Fixed Price Contract-lump sum: setting a total fixed price for a defined product or services Fixed Price Incentive Fee Contracts (FPIF): some flexibility in deviation from performance with financial incentives with price ceiling, Contract =1,100,000. www.ReadytoTrainMaterials.com 50 Perform Integrated Change Control: Perform Integrated Change Control It should be written formally and entered to change control and configuration control systems. Made Easy: Over 1270 slides help you study Smarter: ... understand PMBOK 6th edition in 20 days + Practice online for free for 90 days. PMBOK 6th Edition training slides. www.ReadytoTrainMaterials.com 54 Manage Project Knowledge: Manage Project Knowledge Manage Project Knowledge is the process of using existing knowledge and creating new knowledge to achieve the project’s objectives and contribute to organizational learning The lessons learned register can include the category and description of the situation. From a business perspective, a project is aimed at moving an organization from one state to another state in order to achieve a specific objective www.ReadytoTrainMaterials.com 9 Projects Enable Business Value Creation: Projects Enable Business Value Creation value is the net quantifiable benefit derived from a business endeavor. What is the PV, EV & AC PV on 2nd Week = Total value of planned work to be completed on second week in monetary terms (500 X 2 = 1000) EV on 2nd week = Estimated value of work completed (500 X 3 = 1500) AC on 2nd Week = Actual cost spend of work already completed (1700) Tools and Techniques Earned Value Management (EVM) www.ReadytoTrainMaterials.com 83 Tools and Techniques Earned Value Management (EVM): SV (Schedule Variance) = EV-PV (Difference between estimated value of work completed and estimated value of work planned) CV (Cost Variance) = EV-AC (Difference between estimated value of work completed and actual cost of work completed) SPI (Schedule Performance Index) = EV/PV CPI (Cost Performance Index) = EV/AC Tips EV comes first in all equations.
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