I have my corn stored in 55-gallon plastic barrels. 4 Items . This calculator is used to set the air flow rate through a grain bin equipped with an aeration fan. Compare our reliability, prices and airflow (as tested by an independent laboratory) and you will discover for yourself why Sukup is #1. Using bin aeration to dry corn and soybeans with natural air is a common practice in many areas of the country. This Grain Aerator Consists of Two Parts: 1. Spread-All fans come with all galvanized housings, zinc guards, standard legs, leg stands, and carrying handles. On-farm aeration is crucial for effective grain storage. Grain Drying: Aeration Fan Adapter Bin Transition with Digital Thermostat. 18hp vanguard engine with electric start. Called aeration, this practice greatly improves the storability of grain by maintaining a cool, uniform temperature throughout the storage. Developed by Grain Guard, a brand well known for its quality machinery thanks to 25 years experience, this reliable equipment will help you customize your aeration systems and ensure the quality of your grain. The AGRIDRY AC21 Logging Aeration Controller is designed for use in grain storage applications where grain … The program is very user-friendly and guides you through the fan selection process by asking simple questions about your grain drying or storage bin. GSI AF-14-1G 14'' Grain Bin Aeration Fan 1HP. Caldwell 24" 5 HP 1-Phase 230 Volt Axial Grain Bin Fan w/ Controls. Air-drying grain in bins benefits from large capacity aeration fans and extended periods of low relative humidity weather. Too much airflow can be as bad – sometimes even worse – than too little airflow. features. Fans have reversible application to pull air down through the grain, or to direct the air flow up through the grain by turning the fan around and reversing the guard. Do you offer resale pricing? This, of course, will be reflected in a lower dollar costfor fan operation. GSI manufactures a complete line of rugged aeration and grain conditioning systems to help maintain grain quality. See pic for more details. SKU: F24-512 | Brand: Caldwell. You said it would be pennies on the dollar – do you know where I can find more specific numbers? When there are conditions for condensation, particularly in the spring and fall, they should leave aeration fans off to protect grain from the outside air. $535.09. Lowers humidity by up to 50%; Allows moisture removal from grain in high humidity conditions; Minimal operating costs with reduced drying time most common type of fan used for grain drying and aeration. To assist you in your grain drying efforts, Flaman sells a selection of aeration fans, heaters and accessories for you to choose from. The relationship […] Free shipping. Fans are the key to successful drying or aeration systems, which is why Sukup puts great effort into designing and manufacturing the best fans possible. Please refresh this page to improve your experience. Free Ground Shipping on Select Modine Heaters. There should be no issues in using that in that size of barrel. Saskatchewan (637 mi away) On-Site Auction. $740.00. Chief provides grain aeration systems to fit your specific needs. 3 out of 5 motors have burnt out but the housing is perfectly fine. Vane-axial fans are relatively inexpensive and efficient when static pressure is less than 4 inches of water. Turn the fan on if: grain temperature > outside air temperature also dries the grain except for when the grain temperature is greater than, but only slightly greater than, the temperature of the grain AND when the outside relative humidity is close to 100%. IntelliFarm’s axial fans are low maintenance and versatile, designed for grain drying applications and aeration. Sukup manufactures a full line of axial fans and heaters for aerating and drying grain. Saskatchewan (637 mi away) On-Site Auction. The Head houses a 12" diameter fan with a 1/12 HP heavy-duty motor 2. Remove moisture from your grain with this grain aeration unit. $2,095.00 Brands With more than 100,000 fans in operation, AGI Grain Guard remains the leader in aeration AGI Grain Guard manufactures natural air grain drying equipment, aeration fans and low temperature heaters for grain storage management. off-grid grain bin aeration For Bin Sites without or with limited electrical power Aeration Anywhere is a self contained and portable aeration fan that is economically powered by … Show The manufacturer does not provide a CFM rating. 6' Tube (# 310013, sold separately) — the top 36" is … Caldwell fans are designed to provide high performance, dependable service and quality acceptance throughout the world. or Best Offer. our mobile gas powered aeration fans are the best solution for bin sites without power. GSI designs and manufactures complete line of rugged aeration and grain conditioning systems to help maintain grain quality. Can I use this aerator in each barrel or does it need to be in a bigger area? View on rbauction.com. Watch; Spread All 16" Grain Bin Axial Aeration Fan 2 HP 3 Phase 230v. Is it pushing down into the grain or is it pulling upward out of the grain? Does the fan have a CFM rating and/or static pressure rating? Full centrifugal fans work hand in hand with our highly effective rocket aeration systems . Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. It can allow you to harvest in damp conditions, maintain stored grain in peak condition, and reduce the likelihood of mould growth and insect infestations. Here is the math that you can use to calculate the cost. The lesstime involved in drying and cooling, the less your energy requirementwill be. This is a special item so please call 888.433.5275. 6' Tube (#310013, sold separately) — the top 36" is a solid pipe and the bottom 36" is a perforation pipe. This Grain Aerator Unit is easy to use — just plug it in to any 115 volt outlet and it pulls out large volumes of hot, damp air to keep grain cool up to a depth of 18'. © 2020 by Grain Supply LLC, 24054 South MN Hwy 22 Litchfield, MN 55355 View on rbauction.com. Ship to your address: FREE pickup in store: View Details. Proper bin aeration is key to the health of your stored grains. As a result, Sukup is #1 in sales of centrifugal fans. Aeration Fans are the key to any successful drying and aeration system. The Head houses a 12" diameter fan with a 1/12 HP heavy-duty motor2. Be the First To Review This $ 1490.59. Can you guide me to it? This fan adapts to most aeration systems. Grain Bin Drying/ Aeration Fans - $150 (Near Blair NE) I have 2 good condition and good working grain bin aeration fans. However, the main disadvantage of these fans is that they are very noisy. Apr 10 2021. Please call our customer service department at (888) 433-5275 to place an order: These fans do not have a CFM rating. Contact our Sales Department at 888/433.5275 for details on resale pricing. Although round bins are shown in all of the figures in this publication, the basic storage and aeration principles are the same for flat grain … Yes, we sell the individual motor for the #128 aerator: This aerator is pulling upward out of the grain. Flexible design. Contact Us Quote Request Your company account is blocked and you cannot place orders. Brand New. We do sell that product, however, it is not sold online. This Grain Aerator Consists of Two Parts:1. Home Kindersley, SK, CAN. Brock Grain Systems - A Division of CTB, Inc. 611 N Higbee Street, P.O. $949.09. These fans are generally used for natural air drying higher grain depths. Quick View. The Grain Guard Aeration Fan is an excellent addition to any new or existing bin. Sukup Axial Fans provide maximum airflow at lower static pressures found in aeration or in-bin drying. these fans are also a great option for aerating bagged large grain crops like peas, beans, and corn. $1,020.00. This publication presents data and tables for determining the airflow, system performance and energy relationships in bin drying andcooling. This is particularly important with higher capacity aeration fans. Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering | 612-625-5200 | bbe@umn.edu | Intranet Kaufert Lab - 2004 Folwell Ave., St. Paul, MN 55108 | Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering - 1390 Eckles Ave., St. Paul, MN 55108 Watch; Spread All 16" Grain Bin Axial Aeration Fan 2 HP single phase 3450 RPM . Low temperature heaters allows 24 hour grain drying when cool, damp conditions prevail. Brand New. The portable grain aerator fan also includes a galvanized steel screen cap and tube adapter, enabling quick, secure mounting to the aerator tube. Phone +1 574-658-4191 Email sales@brockgrain.com Order #: 183001. GSI AF-3-1G 18'' Grain Bin Aeration Fan 3HP. I have a truck that holds 400 BU would one fan work? *Magnetic contactor standard on 24" and 28" fans. CHOOSING THE RIGHT AERATION SYSTEM Having the right size of fan and drying system for your specific operation is key. That’s why our fans are built to last and come with a standard 2-year warranty. Chose from 12" Diameter fans all the way up to 28" Fans. These durable fans are constructed of heavy-duty steel and are available with galvanized or painted finishes. AVONLEA FANS Aeration Fan . It requires an air flow meter or anemometer. The 2-piece galvanized steel aerating tube measures 6' long and has 36" of perforation for optimal air movement. 132 litre tank capable of running up to 50 hours. View as Grid List. From Canada. Also, would you have any figures on the costs to run a grain aeration fan? POOL C13-3-1-Y 3 HP Aeration Fan . Ship to your address: FREE pickup in store: View Details. The smaller the area the faster it will push air through, so you will have to monitor it closely. Either the intake or the discharge ends may be mounted to an air duct metal transition  or a flat bin wall. Our bin fans are factory assembled and test run before shipment. If you are looking to maximize your airflow at a lower static pressure, an axial fan is a great fit. However, the process does require more management than using fans to adjust grain temperature. If you have questions, please contact your company administrator. Features both axial and centrifugal models to aerate a variety of grain types, including canola, corn, barley, wheat and soybeans Centrifugal fan models are available with totally-enclosed electrical motors ranging from 2 to 50 hp Do you sell the motor for the 128 aerator on your site? AGI Grain Guard 7.5 HP Inline Aeration Fan - 3 Phase, 460 V. Location: Edmonton S. (Nisku), AB | Phone: (780) 955-3400 AGI Grain Guard 7.5 HP Inline Aeration Fan - 3 Phase, 460 Volt, **Refurbished The Grain Guard In-Line Flaman Centrifugal Aeration Fan features a Compact design, quiet performance and ensures superior grain …. The sizing and application of fans are important in determining howmuch time is needed to dry and cool grain, what these jobs will costand, in the final analysis, how much energy you will use. What direction is the airflow? Order #: 141001. QC Part #310010 - Grain Aeration - Head Only, Remove heat and moisture when grain is heating, Cool your grain down to 45° during the winter months. When it is connected to power it runs continuously. Aeration Fans- Vane Axial, Tapered Transition- Vane Axial Spread-All Mfg Bin Aeration fans are quality aeration fans at competitive pricing. First one is an orange Farm Fans Inc brand 7.5 hp and 25 inch diameter. Box 2000 Milford, IN 46542 U.S.A. Quick View. The heater is easily installed between the fan and bin. Yes, the replacement motor is part number 310014. This will pull air up to a depth of 18' depending on the density of the grain you are working with. Aeration Fans- Vane Axial Spread-All Mfg Bin Aeration fans are quality aeration fans at competitive pricing. Our axial fans feature reversible applications and can be … Second fan is a brown Farm Fans Inc brand 9 hp and 24.5-25 inch diameter. Asking $275 obo for the orange fan. 2014 GRAIN GUARD 7 HP Aeration Fan . *Models SA-120751 & SA-141001 feature 115V single phase electric morots with plug cords wired. 1 Phase . As a precaution, operate the aeration fan only long enough to accomplish the grain cooling or warming cycle. Managing stored grain with aeration By moving air through stored grain, growers can reduce the rate of grain deterioration and prevent storage losses. Can replacement motors be purchased for these? Course Description: This course focuses on the design and operation of aeration systems for dry grain storage structures with flat, hopper and V-bottoms in corrugated steel bins, concrete silos, large diameter tanks, horizontal storage structures and outdoor piles/bunkers. Vane Axial Aeration Fans are designed for cost effective, efficient grain aeration with a minimum of maintenance and operating costs. Can I buy a replacement motor for this aerator? Spread All. Safe, reliable and attractive, Caldwell offers: Axial Fans designed for high performance, low static pressure aeration systems with shallow grain depths Choose It assumes that the air flow can be controlled with baffles, spill gates or variable fan speed. GEAPS 521: Grain Aeration 2020 course offerings: Oct. 27 – Dec. 8 – Registration closed Oct. 21. > Online calculator. Because of poor power supply in many regional areas we frequently wire the system to stagger start the aeration fans to avoid overloading the system on startup. or Best Offer +$99.00 shipping. Terms of Use    Privacy Policy, Distributor, Selector Valve, and Inline Air Valve, Tube Mounting Hardware, Brackets, and Truss Kits, All BCT (Brock Commercial Tower) Dryer Parts, Outside Ladders For Unstiffened, WC 4.00 Bins, Outside Ladders For Unstiffened, NC 2.66 Bins, Outside Ladders For Stiffened Bins, WC 4.00 Bins. Sukup also offers 38” and 44” low speed axial fans for roof dryers and other shallow grain depth applications. Choose from a variety of high efficiency vane axial, centrifugal, and inline centrifugal fans and heaters, all with features designed to reduce costs and boost performance. Saskatchewan Qty: Add to Cart. Kindersley, SK, CAN. Apr 10 2021. You can use the University of Minnesota Fan Selection for Grain Bins (FANS) web-based program available from the Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering at the University of Minnesota. Grain Bin Fans Axial Flow . 6 blades pull air down through the Spread All 12 inch Grain Bin Aeration Fan 3/4 HP FAN,12075 Low … There are no file attachments for this product. As soon as grain comes off the field, producers should turn the aeration fans on immediately to cool the grain down. Do the fans run all the time or are they heat or humidity controlled? Designed to fit Grain Guard brand aeration fans. Caldwell 24" 5 HP 1-Phase 230 Volt Axial Grain Bin Fan w/ Controls.
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