The platform builds a dynamic model of the environment using these location sensors and resource information gathered by telemetry software, and presents it in a form suitable for application programmers. Twenty-third AnnualJoint Conference of the IEEE Computer and Communications Societies, vol. The steps undertaken in this paper in order to come to a proposal for a secure architecture are the analysis of the state of the art of the relevant specifications, the existing risks and the known vulnerabilities the related known attacks. However, not all location technologies will operate everywhere (e.g. A total of 56 Bluetooth scanners registered 18.943 unique MAC addresses during a 19-day period. We show that most of the concerts clusters can be described by We show that the concerts' clusters can be described by one or more of the meta-features, effectively revealing preferences of participants. The second vulnerability makes possible an attack -- which we call a location attack -- in which an attacker is able to identify and determine the geographic location of victim devices. Most Bluetooth trackers require very little power, but only a few come with a replaceable battery. CT-RSA 2001. Exploiting context from stream data in pervasive environments remains a challenge. In: Proceedings of the 23rd International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems Workshops, April 2003, pp. We also show that our system can accurately differentiate between floors of a multifloor building. CiteSeerX - Document Details (Isaac Councill, Lee Giles, Pradeep Teregowda): Abstract. We demonstrate a radio beacon-based approach to location, called Place Lab, that can overcome the lack of ubiquity and high-cost found in existing location sensing approaches. 109--113. 2208–2212 (2003), Research shows that context is important to the privacy perceptions associated with technology. Bluetooth Tracking without Discoverability 123 Ideally, then, Bluetooth tracking would not involve the inquiry process nor require any device to be permanently discoverable. The Answer According to the documentation, making a device discoverable will always make a popup appear for user confirmation. Some implementations create the IID using the MAC unobscured, while others compute a onetime hash value involving the MAC. However, because of the harsh indoor conditions, current indoor localisation systems remain either too expensive or not accurate enough. I thought discoverability only turned on when opening the Bluetooth panel on the settings app, but my phone is constantly discoverable via Bluetooth by other devices even after I have closed … Conference Paper. In: MobiSys 2005: Proceedings of the 3rd international conference on Mobile systems, applications, and services (June 2005), Anastasi, G., Bandelloni, R., Conti, M., Delmastro, F., Gregori, E., Mainetto, G.: Experimenting an indoor Bluetooth-based positioning service. 59–68 (1999), Want, R., Hopper, A., Falcao, V., Gibbons, J.: The Active Badge location system. I need Bluetooth since I use a Magic Mouse. The results demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method. Just in 2010, 906 million mobile Bluetooth enabled phones had been sold, and in 2011, there were more than 40 million Bluetooth enabled health and medical devices on the market. Comments and Reviews. a cluster of US bands) and discuss the significance of the An indoor bluetooth-based positioning system: Concept, implementation and experimental evaluation. Meanwhile, Blue- tooth is increasingly widely deployed due to its low power consumption and cost. Once the user’s position has been uniquely determined the same filter is demonstrated to track the user’s absolute position to sub-metre accuracy. Using the popular Reality Mining dataset, we further demonstrate the extraction of co-location activities and use them to automatically infer the structure of social subgroups. In android, Bluetooth is a communication network protocol, which allow a devices to connect wirelessly to exchange the data with other Bluetooth devices. Finally, we present the deployment experience at an office building. I've disabled Handoff, changed my AirDrop availability to "Contacts Only," but I'm not able to make my iMac non-discoverable without turning Bluetooth off. The implicit human computer interface enables the user to acquire the services, even though the user don't know the IT technology. Although useful in practice there are still circumstances where it is not ideal. during large-scale events by introducing user involvement. discuss the possibility of employing the described method and techniques for The rise of Bluetooth-equipped devices in personal consumer electronics and in in-car systems has revealed the potential to develop Bluetooth sensor systems for applications in intelligent transportation systems. This publication has not been … We propose a fixed-lag particle filter algorithm to process data incrementally. Outdoor location-based services are now prevalent due to advances in mobile technology and GPS . Our today’s world is becoming digital and mobile. This paper describes a study of Bluetooth radio propagation using an accurate indoor location system to conduct fine-grained signal strength surveys. In this paper, dynamic object binding is proposed to improve the opportunistic localisation system. The field tests show that the new algorithm proposed applying information filter with speed detection improves the horizontal positioning accuracy of indoor navigation with about 17% compared to the static fingerprinting positioning method, achieving a 4.2 m positioning accuracy on the average, and about 16% improvement compared to the point Kalman filter. Weibull distribution improves the performance of fingerprinting. In this paper, the use of TM in visualising and analysing time intervals is investigated. Further, the role of link-strength We have now installed an enhanced version throughout an office building. In fact, cellular phones with GPS receivers and 802.11 wireless LAN are already becoming available. Not logged in These applications may include measurements of traffic presence, density, and flow, as well as longitudinal and comparative traffic analysis. Another type of interaction is haptic responses, which have been used in systems for visually impaired people. For example, this snippet sets the duration to 300: Our analysis and experiments show that the proposed solution takes $O(\sqrt{N})$ to $O(\frac{N}{2})$ beacons for $N$ Test Positions, which is 2-8 times less beacons compared to that by the naive approach, while the analytical bounds are tight with the ILP results with 20\% of gap. C’est autour de ce contexte que s’articule cette thèse divisée en deux parties. Pairing the Tile Pro is fast and straightforward, and comes with the ability to name the device based upon what it's tracking (e.g., “keys”). detection is sufficient. In: MELT 2008: Proceedings of the first ACM international workshop on Mobile entity localization and tracking in GPS-less environments (September 2008), Jevring, M., de Groote, R., Hesselman, C.: Dynamic optimization of Bluetooth networks for indoor localization. Generating tracking data is a necessity for this analysis and requires an appropriate methodology. Thus, the model describes the world much as users themselves would. There are software tools available which allow brute-force discovery of non-discoverable devices, an early example of which is RedFang, but this is usually too complex for a minimal hardware configuration and not necessary for data collection purposes associated with ITS. Unlike current approaches that can only provide final proximal grouping, our method provides proximal grouping and membership of users over time. (SSVEP) and the eye-blink artifact, which is augmented by a Bluetooth based Bluetooth tracking without discoverability. We call this sentient computing because the applications appear to share the user's perception of the environment. A basic Bluetooth sensor system for traffic monitoring consists of a Bluetooth probe device (s) that scans for other Bluetooth-enabled device (s) within its radio proximity, and then stores the data for future analysis and use. However, Bluetooth tracking systems to date have relied on the Bluetooth inquiry mode to constantly scan for devices. We have been exploring the possibility of building applications that present user interfaces pervasively distributed across different co-located devices. ... One of the earliest uses of Bluetooth positioning and tracking technology is the Aalborg Zoo, the largest zoological garden in Denmark. Location awareness is an important capability for mobile computing. Traditionally, the OD matrix estimation has solely been based on traffic counts collected by networks of magnetic loops. Moreover, a software prototype that implements TM in a geographical information system (GIS) is introduced. how to highlight important interactions. Location and Context Awareness (2009) Abstract. Instant and precise localization of a mobile user is fundamental for supporting various sophisticated indoor location-aware services. LNCS, vol. Yet inexpensive, pervasive positioning—a requirement for wide-scale adoption of location-aware computing—has been elusive. This thesis investigates an alternative approach to indoor pedestrian tracking that uses on-body inertial sensors rather than relying on fixed infrastructure. The obtained structure in the form 2003. This paper surveys the scope and evolution of these systems, with system attributes and design decisions illustrated via a reference design. In: WMASH 2003: Proceedings of the First ACM International Workshop on Wireless Mobile Applications and Services on WLAN (2003), Madhavapeddy, A., Tse, A.: A study of Bluetooth propagation using accurate indoor location mapping. By receiving the beacon coverage status from a user's device, the cloud server can unambiguously pinpoint the user's location and react correspondingly. RADAR operates by recording and processing signal strength information We relate the experience gained in applying the location stack abstractions to the design and implementation of a location system using three separate location technologies integrated in a wireless computer.
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