It’s Saturday and it’s your cheat day. Sorting algorithms are usually the first ones that any introductory Computer Science course covers. Algorithms to live by kirja esittelee mielestäni upealla tavalla yleisimpiä tietokone- ja laskenta-algoritmeja normaaliin arkeen sovellettuna. It takes decades of computer science learning and shows us how to apply it to our everyday lives. # [18.205, 16.967, 14.659, 12.82, 11.686, 9.444, 7.238, 4.854, 2.984, 1.0], # ([1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12], 132). # greater than our threshold. The goal of cache management is to minimize the number of times you can not find what you are looking for in the cache. From A/B Testing websites to A/B Testing human drugs via clinical trials, software engineers and pharmaceutical companies alike are trying to figure out where the balance lies. This is #36 in a series of book reviews that I write every week. Chaps. # 4 True. # DataFrame we will be using to adjust our threshold value. The Bayes Rule is a way of going from P(X|Y), known from the training dataset, to find P(Y|X). Bubble Sort Implementation in Python The panacea: if you’re trapped in a game that lends itself to paradoxical incentives, change the game: set the rules so that there’s no incentive to act any other way. Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn, A Protocol for Packet Network Intercommunication. # For example for 0th run we will be picking 90, since that is the first value # dtype: float64, # 0 False After all, you can make a case that all art stems out of some form of randomness. Bayes’s Rule. Algorithms to Live By. # 5 NaN NaN 88.0 NaN NaN Bayesian inference is an important technique in statistics, and especially in mathematical statistics.Bayesian updating is particularly important in the dynamic analysis of a sequence of data. Consider how many times you’ve seen either a crashed plane or a crashed. importance) associated with them in our examples. Packet Switching: Transmissions are delayed. It’s really that simple. I really loved how this chapter ended with a discussion on randomness, evolution, and creativity. For instance, if somebody is younger than the average life span, then predict the average; as their age gets close to and then exceeds the average, predict that they’ll live a few years more. When tasks not only have deadline but also weight, things get complicated. Machine learning Naive Bayes python. Variants of this Secretary Problem and the accompanying 37% Rule apply to vast areas of real life too — from dating to parking your car to selling/buying a house: knowing when to stop looking is crucial. How to control the flow, how to avoid congestions (Additive Increase, Multiplicative Decrease), how to establish Backchannels (and the role of white noise and little acknowledgments in everyday real-life conversations! # 2 5.0 # 4 1 63 59 20 32 Sorting. We will never enter this block. You may also like. Folks in Machine Learning would love the discussion of ideas around cross-validation (hold some of your data back to test later that your learned model generalizes well, that it doesn’t just overfit your training data), regularization (penalize your models for complexity: so that simplicity is a part of the goal), early stopping and so on. Do you open Yelp and explore a new restaurant, or do you go back to the sandwich place you’ve been craving all week? Moreover, how do you handle a situation where a low priority task is blocking a higher priority task, and you’re just stuck in a priority inversion? A buffer is a queue whose function is to smooth out bursts, A buffer will only function correctly when it is routinely zeroed out, We think we are always connected, actually we are always buffered, Buffer-bloat: The feeling that one feels like they need to, Lack of idleness is the primary feature for buffers: works for machines, not for us, Vacation email auto-responders tell senders to expect latency, that their mails are, Just because equilibrium is stable, it does not mean it is good, The equilibrium condition where everyone acts for their best interest may not be actually the best interest for the individuals of the group. Algorithms to Live By is a surprisingly fun book considering the subject. # 4 50 6 20 72 38 Circuit Switching: Either you are accepted or not. Source. Author talks about real life instances where computer algorithms can be applied. Computers and people face the same challenge: The machine responsible for scheduling is the machine itself that will process the tasks. # 2 87 Have the mafia waiting outside the prison so that the one who rats his comrade is found getting eaten by the fish at the bottom of the local lake the next day. Social Networks slides . It alternates between tutorials and… The chapter on Bayes’ Rule was my favorite. Algorithms to Live By is filled with many such “life hacks” that teach fundamental computer science concepts like sorting and model fitting in a highly relatable manner, with an appendix of technical details for the mathematically inclined. “Algorithms to Live By” covers a wide breadth of computer science and machine learning topics (caching, halting problem, Big O, Bayesian statistics, NP-completeness, etc) – but it frames each topic as a tool for understanding or solving real-world problems. # 11 8 89 52 1 83 Chap. # Remember: Pick the first value greater than threshold. Set a predetermined amount of candidates or time, Pick the first candidate that outshines all the candidates in look phase, If socks match remove both and go to first step. Reject 37% of the applicants, and then hire the next one better than anyone you’ve seen so far. # If they matched, perfect. # 0 1 2 3 4 We want as few as possible tasks to delayed, We do not care the delay amount on the tasks that are delayed, Optimize for getting individual tasks done as quick as possible, Whenever you encounter a task that will be delayed, Skip working on the task and move it to end of the queue, Always do the shortest task first, ignoring the deadline, This will lead to fastest removal of things from the to-do list, Limit yourself to checking your messages once (or twice a day) if you are not expected to be more responsive, Try to stay on a single task without decreasing your responsiveness below the lowest acceptable limit, Do not accept any more tasks if you are full, You might end up only context switching and getting nothing done, If there are any low priority tasks blocking high priority tasks, let the low priority task inherit priority from the high priority task, Things in natural world, such as human life expectancy, Things where distribution does not tend toward a, Where many (many) values are one side with a particular value, a few values are on one side with a highly different value, Distributions that yield the same value independent of any prior information, Hitting Blackjack has always the same probability no matter how many times you tried before, When we want to know something about a complex quantity, we can estimate its value by sampling from it, At least gives you an answer, compared to nothing at all, Sampling the value of π by simulating dropping needles as explained in, Constant bandwidth between the sender and the receiver, Not suitable for computers, since computers are, Burst for a short period of time to send data, Increase wait time between tries exponentially, Prevents completely giving up, waits longer and longer between each fails, Used in password protections as well where systems force you to wait longer after each failed attempt, Big difference between Circuit Switching and Packet Switching: The way they deal with congestion. # Now that we have `masked`, we will actually be picking the first !NaN value. # 6 90 58 41 91 59 The more data we have, the less importance should be assigned to our prior information. 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