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About Saptha-Bodhi Rukkaramaya:

The legend of origin and evolution of Saptha-Bodhi Rukkaramaya at "Ravindu - Thamara Dhamma Nikethana Senasanaya" of Ibbagamuwa Sri Lanka.

About 16km from the Ancient Rock fortress of Sri Lanka, Kurunegala, down Dambulla road is situated Ibbagamuwa, a small township in the middle of surrounding paddy fields and greenery fed by the waters of 'Daduru Oya' and Bathalegoda Lake.

Bathalagoda Tank - Ibbagamuwa

Turning off from the road leading to the lake bund and driving along gravel roads of the countryside, you will reach the Saptha Bodhi Rukkaramaya with literally means the Temple of "Sevan Bhodhee Trees" These seven "Bo" trees are clustered in a circle and probably are more than few centuries old, and were hidden, in a corner of a coconut cultivation, separated from rest of the land by a canal carrying water to surrounding paddy fields from the Bathalegoda Lake. Having appreciated the very rare naturel occurrence, the owner of the land Professor Ravindra Satarasinghe - a Professor of Medicine attached to Sri Jayawardanapura General Hospital and Post Graduate Teaching Center - Kotte, Sri Lanka and his wife Dr Thamara Satarasinha a Dental Surgeon attached to the Department of Health Services Sri Lanka, together decided to build a temple based around the seven "Bo Trees", to bestow merit on their parents, bearing the total finance. Ma-Piya Seya The various components of the temple are scattered around two acres of land, preserving the integrity of the nurture, in keeping with the preaching of the Lord Buddha. In addition to various postures of the Load Gauthama Buddha, and the statues of twenty eight Load Buddhas, from Thanhankara Buddha to Gauthama Buddha, one could see the statues of Arhath Seevalee, Arhath Mahinda and Arhath Sangamittha. The sacred relics of both Lord Buddha and Arhath Seevalee are enshrined in the Pagoda or the "Dagaba" witch is named "Ma- Piya Seya" dedicated to the parents of both sides.

Both "Dam Sabha Mandapa" (Sermon Delivering Center) and "Dana Shala" (Food Serving Hall) are constructed, using newer themes, as evident from the pictures.

A miraculous Bo Sapling sprung up piercing the cemented base between the pagoda and the "Samadhee" Buddha statue in front of it, after the 2600 Sri Sambuddathwa Jayanthi Katina Cheewara Pooja, right behind the Boddha image thus depicting as if the Lord Buddha is seated under the shade of a Bo tree.

The twenty eight Bo trees of the twenty eight Load Buddhas are also a special feature, in addition the two Bo saplings of Jaya Sri Maha Bodee, which add colure to the atmosphere.

In another two acres the scattered apartments made in the traditional Sinhalese eco-friendly architecture provide shelter for the international buddhist travelers who wish to practice meditation, at an affordable cost. These cottages are equipped with all modern facilities. Special meditation lessons in English, will be arranged on requests. Small groups less than seven are also welcome. In addition, open air meditation places and the "Trees house" also provide a special environment for the same. In addition special Dana, Seela, Bavana activities on full moon poya days and "Katina Cheevare Pooja" will also take place at the end of Vas observation in accordance with the traditional Buddhist customs. There are a couple of path ways (Sakamanmalu) for walking meditation(Sakman Bawana)

Ibbagamuwa is also a central location for day excursions, to Sigiriya, Dambulla, Anuradhapura, Pollonnaruwa, Minneriya, Sanctuary, Paduwasnuwara, Yaphauwa, Pinnewala eliphant orphange, Kandy and Mathale.

You will also enjoy the musical miscellany of native birds at the dawn and dusk of the day. At the end of the day we are sure that you will have a totally different experience of living with nature in this meditation center.