In 2002 they received a grant from the University Teaching & Learning Development Fund to develop & pilot new types of assessment methods. H��Vˎ7��W�Z+J"%�m$��� ����=����)R����/,0���b�Ȟ�w��py)�R�YX�4������'v��-)��+Ů��cn���|^�=��|����2�����O\Sx�u���o�h�YhOx] Teacher judgments are not moderated. Students and teachers use assessment for learning in the classroom, Using assessment information to inform teaching and learning, Assessment tools and resources in support of teacher judgments. How well can we locate any student’s performance across the breadth of the curriculum and along a continuum of curriculum levels? Assessment of learning is designed to be summative, and to produce defensible and accurate descriptions of student competence in relation to defined outcomes and, 0000034491 00000 n It’s important to note that there are not formal assessment tools for all learning areas and the key competencies. Give yourself permission to stop those practices that are not contributing to this. 0000012704 00000 n The Leading Local Curriculum Guideseries has been developed to steer review of your curriculum, assessment, and design decisions as you strengthen your local curriculum, respond to progress, and reinforce learning partnerships with parents and whānau. � 0000020777 00000 n There are guidelines to help you choose the most appropriate assessment tool here: Each of these tools has a specific purpose which helps with the decisions about why and when you would use the tool. Maximise assessment for learning by enhancing formative and summative assessment strategies. The Assessment Lead Programme was a BETT Award 2019 finalist in the category Whole-school aids for learning, teaching and assessment, and is IB-approved professional development. This online Toolkit will help you design a quality local curriculum for your ākonga. Adapted from ‘Figure 2: Schooling System – a Learning System’, Ministry of Education Position Paper [Schooling Sector] 2011. The Learning Progression Frameworks (LPFs) and the Progress and Consistency Tool (PaCT) are curriculum progress tools. The focus this month is Professional Standards for Educational Leaders 2015: Standard 4 Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment.My experiences as a teacher, principal, director, and mother have reinforced my belief that the vast majority of us in the field of educational leadership are passionately interested in improving the lives of all students in our care. Future Ready Skills for Deeper Learning. Assessment for learning in practice in a year 11 classroom – a teacher's storyStory about a year 11 teacher from Excellere College illustrating how the use of assessment for learning classroom practices helped improve NCEA outcomes for his students. 0000013911 00000 n This guide focuses on informal assessment for learning in the classroom to inform teaching and learning, including selecting appropriate assessment tools for equitable and positive outcomes for all students. nale statements, program goals, program objectives, learning outcomes, learning activi - ties, assessment, textbooks used (including publication year, edition, and condition), and so on. Its purpose is to measure achievement, i.e. Several tools are used to assess progress and achievement within a year level and learning area. As a school leader, you should expect to see a reasonably high correlation between teacher judgments and assessment results. 0000003077 00000 n (iii) Students understand what successful work looks like for each task they are doing. Progressions of learning are well documented, with exemplars from student work, teacher observations, and assessment tool information. 0000007777 00000 n All assessments are carefully chosen so that they provide valuable information for all stakeholders, particularly students and teachers, that can be acted on. 0000016002 00000 n Each tool also provides guidance about how it should be used. Early Mathematics: a Guide for Improving Teaching and Learning. Guided by leading experts in assessment for learning, on this course you’ll discover how to gauge your learners’ understanding, so that you can better progress their learning. Future ready curriculum, instruction, and assessment are based on clear expectations that all students will leave the K–12 education system sufficiently and successfully prepared for college acceptance, career pathways, and workplace readiness. Are we confident in our knowledge of the progress and achievement of our students across the curriculum? 0000063948 00000 n A major function of the curriculum council is to develop a sequence and review cycle . Sound teacher judgments supported by a reliable assessment tool and ongoing classroom observations and conversations provide information on progress and achievement. Teacher judgments should also provide information on what students have learned and the focus of the next learning. 0000013357 00000 n In recent years, classroom teachers have taken on much more responsi- Analysis of assessment information is done by a select few in the school, and results are presented to teachers. There are five main processes that take place in assessment for learning: (i) Questioning enables a student, with the help of their teacher, to find out what level they are at. Curriculum Leadership and Development Handbook provides 10 key indicators that can be used to measure the effectiveness of a developed curriculum. The Leading Local Curriculum Guide series has been developed to steer review of your curriculum, assessment, and design decisions as you strengthen your local curriculum, respond to progress, and reinforce learning partnerships with parents and whānau. 251 38 These guides are for curriculum leaders to help with your planning and school review. 0000003228 00000 n In re-envisioning assessment in the primary school, these guidelines build on these functions, and focus on two principal approaches to assessment: • Assessment for Learning (AfL) • Assessment of Learning … It can be used to describe the most important learning your community believes is too important to leave to chance, and can specify what this learning looks like at critical points. Every now and then it is appropriate for teachers to use a high impact assessment tool – one that is well researched and reliable – to guide the next teaching and learning. Leading Local Curriculum Guide – Assessment for learning (PDF, 637 KB), Mā te whiritahi, ka whakatutuki ai ngā pūmanawa ā tāngata, Together weaving the realisation of potential. Information about Curriculum and assessment. 0000024852 00000 n Progress and achievement are assessed only through the use of assessment tools. Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment, and Standards I n this chapter, curriculum is defined so that readers can have a shared understanding of this key term. The wide variety of information that teachers collect about students’ learning processes provides the basis 0000031004 00000 n Award winning online training for teachers and school leaders. It is not expected that all these tools are used for all students all of the time. %PDF-1.7 %���� 0000060091 00000 n 0000011551 00000 n Much of this noticing is through the observation of learning processes and in conversations between teachers and learners. Results from assessment tools are used in conjunction with teacher observations and learning conversations with students, to support teacher judgments. 0000031079 00000 n 0000004257 00000 n Additionally, it represents an articulation of what students should know A curriculum guide is a structured document that delineates the philosophy, goals, objectives, learning experiences, instructional resources and assessments that comprise a specific educational program. There are no standardised procedures across the school for assessment tools. Students see it as a "test" and something to be worried about. Figure 1.3. April 2016, Volume I Issue IV. Do our students know? ��\�h���4���e�rO\r��Թ�,�zK5 �t����|��_�K���[��6�G[l���Saò��i*�JP�lT�k��K�&DL�z��- ::��RRR�� 3��"� Teachers support learners to notice how they are going with their learning – where they are at, where to next, and whether they know how to get there (knowing who and what can help). There are three guides: • Local curriculum Student exemplars are kept to illustrate different levels of achievement. They’re motivated to do their best and they look forward to finding out how they’re progressing with their learning. How confident are we that assessment tools are being administered properly so that the results are reliable? Secondary Education Curriculum Guide (2017) Key Learning Areas Curriculum Guides (2017) Curriculum and Assessment Guides (with updates in November 2015) Applied Learning Curriculum and Assessment Guide (Senior Secondary Level) Senior Secondary Curriculum (Special Educational Needs) Curriculum … Can all our students answer the following questions: How confident are we about the quality of the overall teacher judgments across our school? Progressions of learning are not well documented or commonly shared across the teaching staff. Use this Toolkit to connect your local curriculum community. 0000122025 00000 n 0000000016 00000 n There is a school-wide plan that reflects the purposeful use of a small number of tools to supplement teacher observations and learning conversations. 0000005190 00000 n assessment to promote learning. Students are involved in assessment processes and they see it as a learning opportunity. A local curriculum can enrich learning opportunities by ensuring coherence and continuity of progress for ākonga, both over the years and across settings, preparing them for lifelong learning. curriculum-embedded assessment. Effective moderation practices establish "what good looks like" at a range of levels. Following a review of assess-ment research, staff set about designing and embedding a variety of new formative assessments & independent learning activities across

leading local curriculum guide assessment for learning

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